Hot Summers Days

IMG_3810Oh I wish I could live near the beach, alas I live near a lake. There is something about the beach that says “Summer Days, come out and play!” The lake says ” I am here for you everyday!” Yet it just seems to hot for me to do either. I spend my days in the cool of the house, which is not that cool because it lacks air-conditioning. Early morning, and late evening seem the only time that is cool enough to venture outside. I do like to play in the evenings sitting outside under the trees enjoying the shade, siping on wine and enjoying some cheese and biscuits. Whilst I look forward to catching up with family for  dinner tonight. The days have been lazy this weekend, and I have been catching on reading a lot, doing my journalling, and watching movies.  I just go with the flow of the weather after all that is all that I can do. 

Five Tips for Hot Summer Days when you don’t have an air conditioner


  1. Drink lots and lots of cold icy water.
  2. Play outside mostly in the early morning and evening the cooler parts of the day.
  3. Close every thing up and keep it dark to keep the house cool, then in the evening open the house up to let the cool breeze in.
  4. Visit someone who actually has an air conditioner and enjoy socialising in a cool environment. 
  5. Enjoy the hottest part of the day by doing slow activities, read a book, listen to an podcast, catch up on your favourite tv shows, have a nap. Just indulge in slowing down and doing something restful.
 Whilst if you have to work I hope it is in a cool environment. When I work on these sorts of hot days, I don’t mind because at least I am in a really cool air-conditioned environment.

I know I should just get air conditioning, for years my husband and my self have been talking about it, we just have not made it happen. We complain about it on these hot days, I think it  is just  that the hot days don’t last, they come go, and we forget about them until the next summer.

Today I had some fun creating the above picture, just hoping to bring a little more colour and variety to my blog this year.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Fran Dishon

Fran Dishon


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