Entering The Year Slowly



How quickly January has gone, it has been a month of just being with family and catching up with friends. I have been enjoying being a home body and just winding down from the previous year. Simply spending my days exploring, enjoying and simply lazing about the house. Simple re- filling the well with oodles of self-care. I seem to have made it a habit over the years to just take January slowly. It could have something to do with the fact that it is the summer school holidays , and that December finished with the beautiful frantic busyness of catching up and celebrating with family. All the busyness of December made me want to simply step slowly into January, and enjoy a month of lazy days. Ofcourse there were many days of exploring, such as the sand sculptures at Sandstorming, the Collart Homestead, Werribee Zoo, a late  night at the Drive-In  and of course having friends over for dinner. Mighty Mouse and myself went for an excursion to the Royal Children’s Hospital, he was pretty thrilled when he saw the huge fish tank with small sharks in it, had Mc Donald’s for Lunch, and sat patiently mesmerised by the Meerkat Enclosure at the outpatient appointments area. Whilst after some tests and being reviewed by the doctor, came massive relief, with the news no surgery required, all is ok. That news made me a very happy Mummy!  So back to the other hospital for monitoring again, where there is not even goldfish anymore.   The month of January has been scattered with excursions and activities, some of which were planed and some that just happened. That has been the beauty of January there has been plenty of space to relax and also be spontaneous.  Now that the boys have just gone back to school and that I have just gone back to work things are starting to speed up, and the calendar is quickly filling. That’s Ok! Now that I am rested and have had time to reflect, I look forward to all the wonderful experiences and lessons this year has to offer me.

 I have missed my blog and are happy to be back.
Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Fran Dishon

Fran Dishon




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