My blogging place.


Day 8 of the Kickin’ It Old Skool Blog-a-thon is Sunday-share where you blog at with Jamie and Shannon Ridler

Today I have been asked to share where I blog.

My little corner of the house!

My little corner of the house!

Once upon a time I shared a study with my hubby, but I became overwhelmed and couldn’t cope with his messy style. So I moved out and set up study in a corner in my living room, on my coffee table. It is clean and tidy, and gives me lots of space to think. I can curl up on my couch and do my blog posts from there. It is a comfy corner, and I often have books scattered all over my couch. Also I blog in other places when it is cold and raining I like to be in my lounge under a rug, curled up in an armchair looking out my front window. Whilst if it is warm and sunny sometimes I will just go outside with my computer and blog from there. Mostly I blog from my corner!

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


10 thoughts on “My blogging place.

  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful blogging spot. If I sit by a window, I usually find myself daydreaming while looking out at what ever the scene presents. Sometimes that is a good thing, and sometimes it simply gives me another reason to procrastinate!

  2. oh, you are making me miss my corner of the couch. I didn’t blog from there often but I did sit there, drinking my coffee, thinking, dreaming. My house is very full right now and i haven’t spent much time there. I like my corner chair in the bedroom but I can’t see out of the window.
    thanks for sharing!

  3. What a lovely space to have for doing things your way … for being cozy when it rains … and for being mobile and being able to go outside when it is nice out… lovely! Feels malleable and alive — like we are 🙂

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