Time Capsule.

Day 2 of the Kickin’ It Old Skool Blog-a-thon on Time Capsule at http://kickinitoldskool.blogspot.ca

1. What are you reading?   
I have just finished reading Eat Mangoes Naked by SARK, which has inspired me to add more colour to this post. Also I am listening to a Status Anxiety by  Alain De Botton on Bolinda audio books I love this while I am relaxing in bed.


2. What are you watching? 
 I am currently watching the drama series Serangoon Road, I like a drama where I get to spend the whole show trying to fit the pieces together. I also love the characters in this show.


3. What are you listening to?  
I always love listen to my relaxation music of Tony O’Connor, and I continue to play my old fashion CD’S on a big bulky CD player.
I like listening to a lot of music and have been getting some really nice meditation music of Frugal which I play on an iPone/computer mp style.
Currently some of the music I am enjoying is Angus & Julia Stone.
4. What are you loving?  
I am currently loving getting free audio books and music from the public library. I am loving meditations by Tricia Brennan. Adventure walks around the lake. Sunny days. Family time. I am loving life!
Creating more interesting images

Creating more interesting images


5. What are you wearing?  
I am wearing everything at the moment today is summer clothes tank top and shorts tomorrow could be jeans and a jumper. Melbourne weather can be four seasons in one day and currently summer and winter in one week.  I am love wearing my pink flower in my hair no matter what the weather is, and my colourful straw bag for long walks.
Photo on 3-12-2013 at 10.11 am #2
6. What are you creating? 
I am just about to start my Christmas Project, of making a piñata. This year my son wants a Devil. Other years I have done Santa or Christmas balls. So this will test my creativity creating a paper mache Tasmanian Devil to bash open on Christmas Day.

7. What are you looking forward to? 
I am looking forward to Janauary because I have holidays, the boys are on holidays, hubby may get holidays. It is lazy summer time and I love getting out and about with the family. I love the beach. I love eating outside under the pagola. I love going for picnics and having BBQ’s. It is my favourite time of year. 


 Whilst something to add to my time capsule is today I got an email to say that my Printerest account had been broken into and that some bad people had put some awful pictures on it. That is the sad thing that whilst it is fun to have these sharing sites that there are always bad people that just want to ruin things. 


4 thoughts on “Time Capsule.

  1. Just so you know, here in the heart of the Deep South, we are experiencing all the seasons in the same day too 😉 Today when I woke up, the car windows were frosted and I had to start it to let it defrost. And this afternoon it was in the mid-70s so my heavy coat was tucked over my arm on the way out the door. The next couple of days, the temps are supposed to climb into the 80s before a cold front and rain come through this weekend.

    Tell me more about this pinata business. That sounds like quite a bit of fun!

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