The Selfie

December is the crazy month, it full of activity, tired kids,celebrations and now some fun playful blogging. So I am doing  the  Kickin’ It Old Skool at by Jamie Ridler and Shannon Ridler.


Day One: De-Selfie

The selfie has sort not been so desirable since Kevin Rudd went around doing all those selfie’s with people on his election campaign. I think politicians should be banned from public selfie’s, it just takes all the fun out of it. So here is too making the selfie fun again.

My camera is so old that it doesn’t do the selfie very well, usually I end up missing half my head, so I decided to play with my photo booth.

I am normally a bit crazy hence the birds flying around my head. I am sometimes described as being away with the birds.

I think it is good to day dream a little.

My crazy  Monday morning selfie.

My crazy  morning selfie.

It is such a gorgeous sunny day I am sort of a little sad to be going to work in the air conditioned building. It is just the perfect day to be outside enjoying the sunshine with Little Miss Popularity. Oh well I will just have to smile and enjoy the day as it unfolds.

Wishing you all a wonderful day.


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