Wishcasting Wednesday!



Credit: Jamie Ridler at: http://jamieridlerstudios.ca

Credit: Jamie Ridler at: http://jamieridlerstudios.ca

I am late, I am late, I am so late in answering this weeks Wishcasting Question, and I still have so much more to do today! However it has been a totally enjoyable day! I spent it catching up with a friend, it was so good to have so much time to relax, sit and talk. Tonight I still have dinner to cook and a Toastmasters meeting to attend.  So busy, busy!

It is Wishcasting Wednesday , which is held by Jamie Ridler at her website Jamie Ridler Studios at  http://jamieridlerstudios.ca

This weeks question is as follows: What do you wish to immerse yourself in?

Firstly I like to immerse myself in being Mum, even as my boys grow older they still need my love and support so much. They also need the practical stuff, like someone to be there for them, to make them feel safe, to feed and cloth them, to help them with their homework, to answer their questions about the world, and off course to try to kiss them good night. I love being Mum.

I would like to immerse myself in cooking more interesting and different dishes. To really enjoy cooking and the foods I cook. To make it an experience not just something I whip up and dish up to simply fill our tummies. I have never been much of a cook I would really like to change that.

When it stop raining, I hope to immerse myself in lots of long adventure walks, especially with my doggy companion Little Miss Popularity. We hope to discover new walking tracts, new parks, and admire many more gardens.

I wish to immerse myself in creating interesting and entertaining speeches. I have been working on a speech now for two months. I change the subject about three times. I just can not seem to stick at it and find other things to do.

Mostly I wish to immerse myself in figuring out how I really want to live my life, and to bringing

more joy and purpose into it. So I will immerse myself in doing my morning pages(Journalling) each morning. Through my virtue meditation and guided meditations. Through my long adventure walks. Finally through be willing to being open to what ever is happening in my life. Today a lady told me that she just couldn’t keep on top of everything that was happening in her life. I thought that is true, we can get so immersed in all the drama. So I wish to be immersed in focussing on the now and letting go of all the drama’s. This last wish will be the hardest, but with baby steps I will get there one of these days.

As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also!

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Have a great day



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