Five Ways to Discover What Activity and Events are Happening in Your Suburb.

This weekend I have been stuck at home inside with a head cold. My nose keeps running, I have a rotten headache, and I am dreaming about all the things I could be doing. However I am just too tired and miserable to do much at all. So today I have chose to reblog an old post. I have found this post very useful in cultivating a more interesting and joyful life.

Happy Suburban Chick

Part of my journey to cultivate more happiness and live blissfully in my suburban area is getting out into my community and finding out what it has to offer. I first thought I could look up events to see if I could add more art, music and culture into my life without having to stray to far from home. After a little investigating I have found there is a lot happening in my area. There are art exhibitions and even galleries. Music in the library last Sunday of the month and monthly book cafeโ€™s. Markets, from farmers market to clothing markets. Plenty of cafes and parks to visit. There is actually lots to do all of the time I just had to do a little searching. So the five ways to find out whatโ€™s on in your suburb that I found most useful are as follows:

  1. Local Newspapers: I haveโ€ฆ

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