Learning from Table Topics.


Lovely colourful Camilla's

Lovely colourful Camilla’s

Staring out my window at these lovely red Camilla’s that are just so bright and cheery to look out on this beautiful gloomy winter’s day. I am also staring at a blank screen thinking how am I possibly going to answer this question. I am just going to do it, I am just going to answer the question.

Today question from the NaBloPoMo challenge is as follows: 

How is a red-hot second different from a regular second?

This reminds me of my Toastmasters meeting and answering the Table Topics question which is an impromptu question. Every now and then I given a question that just totally stumps me, and still have to come up with some sort of answer. This is one of those questions, so I am going to set the timer and try to answer the above question in 1-1.30 minutes.

Is red-hot second different from  a regular second. This is the first time ever I have heard the phrase red-hot second, and to be honest I do not even know what it means. Whilst I don’t like the use of the phrase regular second, because it suggest that person came second because their performance was regular. I prefer a straight out first and second. I think second is something to be proud of, it is an achievement and the better your performance the better the performance of first. We live in a competitive world, and although we may strive for first it is not always possible to achieve it. It is more important to strive for our own personal first, our best performance or result. That way we can be proud no matter what the result is judge at being.

I did stretch my answer to one minute, although I don’t think it is the most creative answer, or witty answer. It is simply an attempt to answer the question. I enjoy the challenge of answer impromptu questions, because you have no choice than to come up with an answer, and there is no right and wrong answer, it is just about using the knowledge you already have, and being creative. It is good to know that the skills I learn by attending Toastmasters can be applied in many different ways in my life. I find Toastmasters to be a challenging and fun, and place that I learn some very useful skills. It is also so interesting and I learn so much, and it an environment full of people who just see daily opportunities to learn and grow.

So wishing you a wonderful day!




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