Last Nights Rainstorms The Conversational Piece Of The Day!


Winter in Melbourne

Winter in Melbourne


Feeling a little tired today.  I just didn’t get a good nights sleep. About 3am in the morning I was woken up by roaring wind and thundering sound of rain been dumped on the ground. It was sounded so loud and wild .  I was so glad to be snug and warm in my bed. Whilst everyone was talking about it today from children, mums and complete strangers. Conversations today were buzzing with statements about last night’s rainstorm.  Whilst as I sat in my car waiting for the bus to pick up my son the sky become dark and once again the rain came pouring down.  I can not seem to escape this gloomy weather.  No point in complaining  that it is cold,  that it is winter, soon it will be summer and hot, and I will be wishing it was cold again. Whilst if everyday was a perfect day, I just get totally bored with the weather. I will just be grateful I get to experience such beautiful gloomy days and some stormy nights.

Todays question for the NaBloPoMo August Challenge is as follows:

Would you want to be known as hot?

It really doesn’t matter if people think I am hot or not. I just want to be happy with who I am exactly as I am right now. I think putting a label on how I want to be known is just asking for trouble, and it is expecting to fit into a certain expectation.  I just want to be the best version of me, that is what really matters.  Although I do enjoy wearing my hot red coat, and driving my hot red car, and wearing some hot red lipstick, in my petite feminine way.  I would also love to be sitting in front of a lovely hot wood fire right at this moment, however that is not to be.


Wishing you all a wonderful day.


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