Winter in Melbourne

Day 2 of the BlogHer, NaBloPoMo asks : How do you like to warm up when you’re cold?
A very appropriate question for winter in Melbourne.
I love my coats!

I love my coats!

Another cold day, glad I have a collection of coat and scarfs and two very daggy beanies. I really need to work on getting some winter hats for my wardrobe. These winters days I never head out the door without a coat, I have many different styles and only two colours to choose from, black and red. I have worn about coats, waterproof coats and dress coats. What I wear underneath is practical and warm. I just hate being cold, I don’t mind that I have to put up with the winter days and nights for a short time. They are a nice change to the hot summer days and nights. Whilst in Melbourne we do get lots of mild hot and cold weather mixed with a few extremes. We have plenty of variety, and can get four seasons in one day. So none of this putting away summer or winter wardrobes for me, and I have often wore a coat out camping on a cold summers night.
Finally there is one way that I love and occasionally get to do, is to warm up in front of a lovely wood fire, with the fresh smell of burning would, the crackling of the flames, and the radiating heat. Just looking at a wood fire from a distance makes me feel or warm inside, and I would love to have one or winter long. However that is just not practical heater for my suburban house, so I have to be content with cranking my gas heating up. So grateful for heating and modern homes, how easy it is for me to keep warm in these modern days.
Wishing a wonderful weekend!




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