A Day for a Cup of Tea.

Enjoying a cup of tea.

Enjoying a cup of tea.

Today I decided to do another challenge to try to expand on my writing and help with ideas for writing. So the month of August I will be doing the BlogHer NaBloPoMo August Challenge with the theme being red-hot. I will be starting with day one’s theme, I am a day behind that is ok, I am happy to be imperfect.  The prompt is as follows:

Do you like hot drinks such as coffee and tea?

The morning looked promising, blue sky, sunshine and icy cold air.  After waiting at the bus stop, and shivering,  I happily headed home, and  attended to some important house tasks. I then sat down with my hot cup of tea, and started writing, as I wrote time went by quickly, the blue sky turned grey and air got colder. Then the clouds broke open and the rain pelted down, I thought of my son at his house sport day, and hoped he listened to me and took his coat. I found comfort in drinking my cups of tea, warming me up from the inside. It is winter here in Melbourne and cold dark days like these , make drinking hot drinks very enticing . Now it is just another cold winters day, not a great start to the weekend. So I think tonight it will be a family night tonight,  curled up on the couch wrapped in rugs, watching a movie, drinking lovely hot drinks of tea, coffee and hot chocolate for the boys.

Looking forward to some weekend bliss, sleeping in my cosy bed late morning and reading a book, hopefully get to a late Saturday morning yoga class. Family celebrations and hopefully completing my project of making bath bombs. Lots of time with family and mostly indoors because it just seems so cold outside.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.



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