Sick~ A Good Day For A Bed Day!



This is how I felt: SICK

How do you feel today?

Someone has been generous and giving me their sick bug, it is a winter thing,  so many people seem to be coming down with something. It was after they told me about all the horrible flu’s and bouts of gastro bugs they have had that I got sick.  Maybe that just a  coinincidence or it could be just hanging around sick people can make you sick.

These last few days I have just been feeling sick. It has been a time of rest, rest and more resting. In-fact yesterday was a good bed day for me.  I dropped my son off at the bus stop, came home and went back to bed.  These winter’s days are perfect for bed days pity I had to get sick to have one. My mother rang me up later in the day to make sure I was awake and didn’t forget to pick   my boys up. ( I would never forget to pick them up!)  It has been a couple of days of  hibernating indoors, cancelling social events, consuming chicken soup and drinking tea. Hopefully feeling better tomorrow as  it will be the start of my work stint. The plans for this blissful weekend is sleep ins, reading, and working. I might even fit a movie at home in.



Wishing you all a great weekend!



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