Weekend Bliss!

I wish to make the most of my weekends and experience even more weekend bliss.

I wish to make the most of my weekends and experience even more weekend bliss.

One of the problems I always come across is how do I make my weekends more interesting? As a mother I always feel like I am putting things on hold, so I can meet the needs of my family. In-fact there are many times I don[t even consider possibilities because they will not fit in with others. So my goal is to find more ways to do the things I enjoy on the weekends that still work in with my family needs but also meet my needs.

So today I dropped Mighty Mouse of to his creative cooking activity. Then on the way home I stopped at the gym cafe had coffee and did some journaling and then went to a relaxing Yoga class. I am still there for my family however it is nice to make the most of the opportunities I have and indulge in some self time. Mighty Mouse’s creative cooking class obviously went extremely well he ate everything, and told me it was yummy. I think it is important to take time out for me. However a day or an evening is not always possible so it is important for me to make the most of my opportunities, be creative and plan a little. I have been working on planning my weekends a little more this past year, so as not to waste them. I work out the things I need to do, the things I want to do, the things my family wants to do, activities already scheduled mostly for kids. I think this makes a difference. I just see the potential for far more productive and interesting weekends.

My plans for the weekend are as follows:

  1. Guided meditations in the mornings( First thing in the morning while I am still in bed and already feeling calm and rested.)
  2. Movies ( Watched Hansel and Gretel, too scary for Mighty Mouse he went to bed instead.) I cuddled the dog and brushed her.
  3. Yoga
  4. Journaling
  5. Family outing( planning a visit to the museum and movies.)
  6. Dinner time together, always lovely to enjoy meal time as a family.
  7. Always time for a bit of reading.


How will you make the most of this weekend ? Feel free to leave a comment. 

 How do you fit ‘me time’ in or even just time to do the things you really desire, and still meet family and work obligations? Please leave a comment.

Wishing you all a great weekend!


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