Ten Blessings !

The past week has been full of many things to be blessed for. Thinking about what is so beautiful about life is a daily exercise everyday. Everyday I find it so uplifting to take five minutes at to be appreciative for all the wonderful things in my life. Some people call this exercise making a gratitude list. This week coming I hope to be more appreciative for all the people in my life, especially the ones I don’t know but make my life easy and comfortable. For instance the man who delivers my milk, the council workers who maintain the park, the people at the supermarket that make it so easy for me to get all I need when I need it. The individuals who teach my children, the bus drivers who take them to school. I really going to take some time to mindful of this each day and look deeply, and be appreciative of all who contribute to my wonderful life and lifestyle.


Another walking adventure.

Another walking adventure.

My Ten Blessings for the previous week are as follows:


  1. I am so blessed to have time to indulge in day dreaming.
  2. I am so blessed to have several mornings of sleeping in and reading in my lovely warm bed on winters mornings.It was school holidays so really made the most of it. 
  3. I am so blessed to finish indulging in reading a really fun chick fiction book 
  4. I am so blessed to have time to clean my house and do my ironing. I love everything fresh and clean. 
  5. I am so blessed that my husband’s cut finger wasn’t too serious, just a couple of stitches and a big bandage.
  6. I am so blessed to have a walking adventure with my son, Mighty Mouse at Wilson’s Botanical Gardens.
  7. I am so blessed to be able to attend the Movies to see Monster’s University with my young son Mighty Mouse. Very funny we both had a great laugh.
  8. I am so blessed to have my Artist’s Date at Australian Gardens and saw an art exhibition.
  9. I am so blessed  to have lots hot cups of yummy tea.
  10. I am so blessed for mobile phones and easy communication so I could speak to my other son, Mr. Serious when he was away with his Grandparents.

It was school holidays last week so I must admit I made the most of it, relaxing, reading, going out, watching movies, and sleeping in late. So I was loving the relax feel of the week.

A gorgeous place to spend some time, explore and relax.

A gorgeous place to spend some time, explore and relax.

What was your ten blessings for the week or day?

Wishing you all a wonderful day and week ahead.



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