Walking Adventure!

Where dose this gate way lead to?
Where does this gate way lead to?

Another walking adventure! Where does the footpath lead in my suburban streets? What places will I discover? Well it was a cold,crisp, sunny winters day. The streets were very quiet. Little Miss Popularity my walking buddy was so excited, her nose in a sniffing frenzy, her tail wagging away. I took a different path hoping to discover something new. Like always being willing to discover led me to a new place. I walked past different house, I discovered a variety of gardens. I enjoyed the beauty of many of these gardens, there are a number of suburbanites out there who can turn their front gardens into an artistic beauty. As I wandered down the footpath I came across a new park, another hidden beauty.

Hidden amongst the trees.
Hidden amongst the trees.

I imagine coming back here one warm sunny day and just hiding in this place, writing to my heart’s delight.

A place to rest
A place to rest

On the way I found a place to rest. To just sit and think. To just sit and take in all the beauty. I wondered why no one else was out and about. Why no one else was here, it appears everyone is too busy to come and enjoy this suburban park surrounded by houses. Or have us suburbanite’s lost our appreciation for the beauty that this park offers. It it were in the city, it would be covered with people taking time out to grab some sunshine and eat their lunch.

A shady place for mums to sit whilst children play in this hidden play ground.
A shady place for mums to sit whilst children play in this hidden play ground.

This treasure offers a place to sit, it resides next to a hidden play ground. I wonder what wonderful conversations parents could have with other parents. What wonderful concerts young children could perform. What beautiful relaxing quiet moments this place could offer. Such wonderful possibilities. For me, on this day it offered a wonderful quiet place to sit, relax and contemplate. A place I would love to revisit, especially since it is only a short walk away from home.

My walking adventures continue to show me what wonderful delightful beautiful public places exist that are practically right under my nose. However like many people I have spent years not willing to venture out of the box which is my home. My home is beautiful but an abundance of beautiful places exist just beyond its boundaries. My life is so much richer and abundant for discovering them.

I encourage you to go on your own walking adventures and make new discoveries in your neighbourhood.  I would love to here about what discoveries you have made on your own walking adventures.

Wishing you a wonderful day!


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