Composting ~ Project 1 of Journey to a Greener Life!


Project 1. Composting ~ our first step to greener living. 

I have been lazy and selfish. I think part of being a Happy Suburban Chick is living a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle.I want to live greener, I want to be kinder to our planet, and I want to set a good example to my children. So I recently went to a couple of green living work shops on gardening and reducing food waste. My first project was to set up my compost bin. It will provide good soil for our garden beds and is good for recycling a lot of our food scraps. We can also put our grass clippings in there as well. It was very easy to set up I put a layer of shredded news paper in, then a layer of grass clippings and now I am doing a layer of food scraps. Then once a week it gets all mixed up and aerated. In six months time we should have some good composed soil for our vegetable garden. My next project is to get some seedlings for the vegetable patch, and figure out ways to buy more local foods. I recently went to a Farmer’s Market, we have two a month on in our area. Another idea is the local market, I am told you can buy a lot of fresh local food from the weekly weekend market. So my journey begins, I will let you know how I am going through my blog.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


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