Art Excursion The Archibald Prize.


It was a long weekend in Victoria, we had a Public Holiday for the Queens Birthday. Although in my family it was my Dad’s Birthday so we enjoyed having a small family party for him. On the Sunday we went for an excursion to the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery to see the Archibald Prize for 2013. I knew a little about this award, it always made it into the news each year. The Archibald Prize is an award for the best portrait of a distinguished Australian. The variety of ways artist chose to do this with their work was fascinating. The people they chose was often interesting and not so obvious. Whilst the winner was Del Kathryn Barton’s painting titled ‘Hugo’.  Whilst it was not my favourite it was certainly well done, and very detailed. That is the thing with art, people like different pieces. My son liked the one called ‘Jo’ because it had lots of animals in them. I thought they were all very interesting.

Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery

Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery

After looking at all that art, we went to the gallery cafe, enjoyed a delicious lunch, whilst listening to some delightful live music. We then headed down through the rose garden to the Oak Hill Gallery, a local gallery run by volunteers, to see the Little Archies Portrait Prize exhibition.

Sculpture in the rose garden.

Sculpture in the rose garden.

We got to enjoy more art, it was such a visual delight. Once again totally amazed by the methods different artist use to do their portrait. Once again interesting, and delightful.

Oak Hill Gallery

Oak Hill Gallery

It was a lovely day filled with art. I love going new places and seeing new things. It was such a wonderful experience to finally see the Archibald Prize exhibition in person and not just on the news.

It makes me wonder what other amazing adventures await me in the weekends ahead.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!



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