Ten Blessings

This past month has left me feeling stuck and muddied. I have been feeling frustrated and irritated. Life has been an effort and quiet challenging.  I just have not been able to get back into the swing of things. I must admit I have not been feeling like a Happy Suburban Chick, more like a crazy woman pulling her hair out. So I think it is time to make some new changes. Until I figure out what I need to do , I will just have to work through the stuckness and muddles  of my life.
ten blessing However  there is always something to be grateful for so, here are my ten blessings for the week.
  1. I am so blessed for my young Mighty Mouse have a great week back at school, after a shaky start the week before.
  2. I amI  so blessed for a snuggly warm bed to sleep in on these cold, cold nights.
  3. I am so blessed for the sustainability workshop I got to attend which has inspired me to set up a compost bin.
  4. I am so blessed that my son loves speech therapy, although he tried to trick me when doing his practice. He pretty tricky when he wants to be, and so very funny.
  5. I am so blessed for all my lovely smelly candles that I burn, which make the house smell so much sweater.
  6. I am so blessed the wonderful inspiring podcasts that I got to listen too this week. Also for the Hay House World Summit audio’s that I have got to listen to.
  7. I am so blessed for a few sunny day’s so I could dry all my washing outside. I love it when I can use my clothes line.
  8. I am so blessed that the cake I made turned out and even tasted yummy.
  9. I am so blessed to spend time with family celebrating my Father’s Birthday, love family birthday parties.
  10. I am so blessed to have gone to the Mornington Art Gallery to see the Archibald Prize 2013.

There is one more blessing I didn’t mention above, on Friday I saw the most beautiful perfect rainbow. Life has been raining a lot lately, yet the sun always comes out and delivers a big perfect rainbow.

What was your ten blessings for the week or day?
Wishing you all a wonderful day and week ahead.

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