My Darling Boy Lays In His Bed.



It has been some time since I last blogged, because I have been busy being Mum to my son who has just recently been to hospital for surgery. My poor little Mighty Mouse has been requiring lots of extra loving tender care from his family as he recovers at home. As Mum I have been required to just drop everything and be there for him.

Gone to Hospital

So I wrote a Poem called :My Darling Boy Lays In His Bed.

Bruised and battered is his face.

Quiet and limp his body has become.

Unable to laugh.

Unable to cry.

My darling boy lay in his bed.

His medicine he takes.

Blood pressure, pulse,temperature he allows chirpy nurses to take.

The uncomfortable blood stain tape on his face he allows to remain.

The doctors prodding inside his tender sore swollen mouth he allows,

without a single complaint.

My darling boy lay in his bed.

He dose not complain.

He dose not cry.

The pain and discomfort he takes in his stride.

He has proven to be a strong little man.

My darling boy lay in his bed.

I am no good at poetry, however that was just the easiest way to explain it. Now he is at home recovering. Eating lots of soup and custard, and playing with his beloved Devil teddy.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!



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