Thirteen Year Old~” Who Cares Attitude!”

This is not a smart look!

This is not a smart look!

It is so frustrating trying to educate a thirteen year old boy, that appearance matters, particularly in the area of presentation. When it comes to wearing his tie it sits around his neck like a noose. Whilst the concept of tucking in a shirt just doesn’t register. So as parents it becomes our morning nagging ritual to tell him to, “fix up your tie, fix your collar, and tuck your shirt in.” The child is driving me crazy, he just does not care how he presents himself. He majors in scruffiness! Tracky pants and t-shirts that is all he wants to wear. He even grumbles when we tell him to put on jeans and a collar shirt. His attitude is, ” no one cares how I dress.” The problem is they do, and people will judge him on his presentation. I suppose that is a difficult concept for a thirteen year old boy to comprehend. I wonder if it is a boy thing? Or is it just my boy’s thing? I wonder how I can change his attitude?

That is my mummy gripe for the week.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


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