Wishcasting Wednesday!

It is wonderful Wishcasting Wednesday! Every week Jamie Ridler from   Jamie Ridler Studios at http://jamieridlerstudios.ca, asks a question. This weeks question is: How do you wish to lighten up?

Me being silly on photo booth.

Me being silly on photo booth.

I started Wreck this Journal, this year to help me lighten up! It has got lots of great activities in them and I love doing them. My son tells me I am not in primary school and shakes his head with disgust. I just smile and laugh and keep doing it.


Wreck this Journal.

Wreck this Journal.


I really need to lighten up in the mornings. I can be described as Mrs Grumpy in the morning. I am seriously not a morning person, and everyone tries really hard to annoy me. They eat too slow, don’t get dressed properly, have to be told to eat, clean teeth and even put their shoes on. After a whole hour of nagging I am wrecked. I should really lighten up and just take them to school in their pyjamas.

So I wish to lighten up by :

  • being less serious and having more fun with the boys all day long
  • Having more fun everyday, and making an effort to be really silly at times.
  • Learning to be a good joke teller. I am getting better at this.
  • Being able to find the funny side of the things that go wrong in my life.
  • Not taking other people’s opinions to heart, and getting upset or offended.
  • Allowing my inner clown out to play more often.

Wishing you all a wonderful day?



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