The Garden Party

Sunday~Last Day Of Our Weekend Holiday!

Sleep in Sunday, more reading and drinking coffee, followed by a quite breakfast outside overlooking the magnificent view. So quiet and tranquil with only the music of the birds to be heard. Just beautiful living, even if only for a weekend.

The Garden Party

The Garden Party

Then it was off to the final event of the Yarra Valley Wine and Food Festival, the Garden Party at Healseville Racecourse. We enjoyed the local music. We tasted the wines,ciders and ales. I am not fond of the sparkling pear however I really enjoyed the sparkling shiraz.We enjoyed the cooking demonstrations on how to make chilli salt squid and salad, and also the Greek cooking class. I learnt so much, I should be much better at cooking now. The racecourse with it’s lovely big shady trees, grass areas and seating provided a lovely relaxed setting. Whilst the weather provided a perfect Autumn’s Day. It was a great day out.

The Local Music Bands Played and Entertained the Crowd

The Local Music Bands Played and Entertained the Crowd

It made me think about what events are happening in my own area, and as I flicked through the local paper I saw a heritage day and a fun festival on. It is a pity I am working that weekend. However when I look there is something always on. I found that since starting this blog and becoming aware of what is on around me, I have become so much more able to find interesting things to do and go. I encourage you to check out your own local newspapers,and local radio and find out what interesting place to go and things to do are happening in your area.


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