A Weekend Away!

IMG_3373Life is so busy, busy, busy , busy! Busy with work, family, hobbies and occasional drama’s. It is just so nice to take a break, relax and chill out. Thanks to my amazing parents  that is just what my husband and myself were able to do. Yes my beloved parents took our boys and the dog for the weekend. Of to Healesville in the scenic Yarra Valley we went. It was only a short trip, an hour and fifteen minutes from home. So not much time at all to zip up their after my husband finished work Friday night. Healesville is a lovely country town surrounded by small tranquil hills. It is surrounded by wineries and restaurants and is a beautiful place for a relaxing holidays and enjoying good food and wines.



We stayed in a refurbished and renovated early 1920’s cottage. It had magnificent charm and character. It’s special features included a wood fire, spa bath and some entertaining ring tail possums. It was beautifully furnished with traditional old style furniture that had lots of charm.

IMG_3364Friday night we spent the evening relaxing out on the pergola sipping wine, tasting biscuits and dip, listening to music and staring at a rather still ring tail possum. We enjoyed the spa bath full bubbles, so many wonderful bubbles and candlelight. So relaxing! Latter during the night I heard the possums having a party on the roof, I woke for a while to hear them running up and down on the roof, then quickly drifted back into a deep beautiful long sleep.

As a couple it is healthy for our relationship to have a weekend away together. We try to do this at least once a year. It is our very special couple time together.



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