Artist’s Date~National Gallery of Victoria

Natitional Gallerycopy

Yesterday was my Artist’s Date, this time I chose an excursion to the National Gallery of Victoria. This is an amazing art gallery and it is free entry to see the main collections. It is an amazing place, and is Australia’s oldest art gallery. I have been to the gallery many years and just love looking around. However this time I chose to join the tourist and do the tour of the general collections. It was taken by a volunteer who was this amazing lady who was obviously passionate about art. It was so informative and delightful I will look at art with a new perspective. I also don’t think I have ever really appreciated the amazing pieces of art at the gallery. It also made me very aware of how little I know about art, especially paintings and history. I learnt so much on that tour about art and the art pieces in the general collection. The funny thing is I could have done this years ago, it never occurred to me to do a tour. It was one of the best Artist’s Dates I have been on and the tour didn’t cost me anything.

This whole adventure made me wonder why I hadn’t done this before. The tour was mostly made up of tourist. In the past I have been blind to the beauty and treasures that our in my own city. My Artist’s Dates have made me more willing to explore and go on wonderful local adventures. I think that is the reason I went on the tour, and discovered new treasures. I hope to continue to do more wonderful adventures like this, and like this experience it is not about cost rather it is about willingness to explore.

The amazing glass ceiling in the Great hall.
The amazing glass ceiling in the Great hall.

It was so beautiful to just stare up at the glass ceiling in the Great Hall, I learnt that it was designed to be a spiritual place, a place of contemplation, a place for private and common use. I also found out if you look closely you can see designs of the cross and doves. I could see the crosses however didn’t find any doves. Whilst the hall has a number of large tapestries. I had always thought they were huge paintings. I was so surprised to find out they were not. Just some of the delightful things that I learnt on the tour.

One of a number of the huge tapestries that hangs on the walls.
One of a number of the huge tapestries that hangs on the walls.

I encourage you to go on your own excursions and explore what is around you. You will be amazed at the treasures and experiences that you will have.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


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