Ten Blessings of the Week

ten blessingThis week has been a week of school holidays and my boys have been happy to stay home, and catch up on their favourite TV programmes and games. The only thing we have done is a trip to the Movies to see the picture Oz. It has been a relaxing and easy week, with lots of time at home.

My ten blessings for the previous week are as follows:

  1. I am blessed for the fresh air that blows through my windows on the lovely Autumn days.
  2. I am blessed for long walks around the lake with my boys and little fluffy dog.
  3. I am blessed for the variety of weather from the grey rainy days to sunny blue sky days.
  4. I am blessed for easily falling to sleep and sleeping soundly in my comfy bed.
  5. I am blessed for being able to curl up in a comfy chair and watch a movie
  6. I am blessed for finding an easy simple meditation to do, one that I used to do many years ago and can now do it again.
  7. I am blessed for being so abundant that I can go to the movies with my son’s and enjoy an afternoon out.
  8. I am blessed that my parents are so generous and are looking after my boys so I can go to work.
  9. I am so blessed to be able to go to an education workshop, that I thought I missed out on. It was a surprise to get the email saying I had successfully enrolled in the course. I thought I missed out because it said the course was full.
  10. I am blessed for air-dried clothes and linen from the clothes  line. It always smells and feels good after the clothes and linen have been dried by the wind.

So many lovely blessings have occurred over my week.  Having an attitude of gratitude really makes a difference.  What were your ten blessings for your week or even day?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!



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