Aromatherapy Favourites Simple and Easy.

oil burner

So busy not time to do anything so I thought a quick post about self-care would be appropriate.



For many years I have possessed the most useful aromatherapy book, Health Scents by Alan Hayes. A book about aromatherapy for health and healing.

I feel that aromatherapy can be a very affordable way to care for a health. It is a simple way to focus our mood and let our natural body heal itself. It is easy to just take a pill however I think sometimes we can avoid the pills by using so aromatherapy especially for self-care and health maintenance.

Here are some simple combinations to use in the bath. Just dilute 10 drops of  essential oil into 40 mls of carrier oil such as almond oil, store in an air tight bottle and keep in a dark cupboard to protect from light and sun. You can get special bottle but they cost a lot more.

Just add 10 drops of your favourite combination mixtures to your bath. I like to use my in a carrier oil like above as this infuses into my bath better and gives just the right strength of the aroma. I don’t like to aroma to be too overpowering.  I just add the 10 drops of mixture under a running tap of hot water into the bath.

A couple of my favourite combinations from the book are as follows:

Revitalise Combination.

5 drops of bergamot essential oil

5 drops of ylang – ylang essential oil


Relax and Unwind Combination

5 drops of lavender essential oil

5 drops of rosewood essential oil


Then just one final simple and easy trick for a good night sleep is to place one drop of lavender oil on a piece of cotton wool or hanky and place it under the pillow slip, this can help you relax and drift of to sleep.


Use oils with common sense, and always be careful about what oils you use if you are pregnant or have allergies. Don’t put essential oils directly onto your skin remember to dilute them in an appropriate amount of carrier oil.


I am only a novice in aromatherapy, and only know what I have learned over the years on the subject from my interest in it as a hobby. I have found many helpful books and have learnt about the subject from short workshops. This information is not expert advice.



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