Photo Play


Today I spent many hours doing washing and ironing. As usual I got distracted and took a photo. Then I decided that it was a really boring picture. I have lots of pretty average pictures on my blog. So between the washing and ironing I went in search of a way to make my boring photo’s look a little more inciting. I came across Picasa photo software and decide to have some photo play.


I thought for this blog challenge I would look at some ways I could improve my blog, some ways I could make it more interesting for people reading it and for me creating it. That is what I love about blogging it is an amazing way for me to learn and create. It is great to be able to create my own photo’s for my blog.

I have used  to create these photo’s it works well on an MacBook Air computer and is easy to share.

Wishing you a wonderful day!Happy Suburban Chick


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