My weeds!

My weeds!

Yesterday I spent the day weeding my garden. I couldn’t believe I had let so many weeds take over the garden. It took a lot of work to get rid of most of them, there are still some sprouting, it will not take them long to grow. I wondered what weeds had I let flourish in my life. A simple definition of a weed is a plant that grows where it is not wanted , and a weed in my life, is something, thought, behaviour or activity that is not wanted in my life. They are all those negative thoughts that seem to come back time and time again. Then there is those behaviours  like gossip, and complaining.Must really watch my conversations and thinking in this area. Definite weeds if you ask me, I try diligently to keep them out of my life, the slightest vacant spot they seem to flourish in. Then there is my leisure time although I have less weeds growing in this area I still manage to watch a bit of mindless TV, and surf the internet about what ever.Then the food I put into my body, all that sugar and even some preservatives, yes those processed foods, maybe I would be better to eat my weeds although I don’t know if they are edible. Those weeds were taking up much of the valuable space of my vegetables though, and maybe if I ate more of those vegetables I would have noticed the weeds sooner. Then there is weeding all those unnecessary tasks out of my day, like junk mail, junk email and also what I call junk phone calls. So much weeding to do. Yes weeding my garden is so much easier than getting rid of the weeds in my life.



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