A Walking Excursion.

Today I was curious, I have always wondered what is down the dirt road, so I decided to take time out for me and go on a walking excursion in my neighbourhood.

What is down this road?

What is down this road?

The footpath ran out, the suburban house came to a stop. I kept walking down a gravel road. It had gone from suburbia to almost rural. It seemed odd. It reminded me off what the area used to be like many years ago.

IMG_3291This is the Homestead Wetlands. I had no idea it existed. It just sits there for wildlife, birds and frogs. I could not find a way in to explore, it was surrounded by fencing and a locked gate.

I also came across a cattery and kennels. Small farm plots with house land, horses, cows, and ponies.

IMG_3293  As I walked down the gravel road and past these properties it felt uncomfortable.


It felt like I had escaped from the suburbs and had walked through a secret door into this hidden rural area. It was so peaceful and quiet. A rural area encampsualated by suburban houses around the edges of it.


It is hard to believe all this ruralness is hiding out here.

From the picture you can see the sky is dark and cloudy. No rain yet and the weather is quiet mild. It is a lovely day for a walk.


I came across the Buddhist Temple, I had always wondered were it was. I had seen Buddhist monks walking around the streets from time to time, and had been curious to know where they came from.


As I walked towards the suburban houses I came across this cow. I wondered  what would it be like to have a cow as your neighbour.

It had been a wonderful and interesting walk. I had discovered something new about my neighbourhood. I had for filled my curious desire to find out what was down that dirt gravel road. I hope this area stays like this forever. I hope it never gets swallowed up by all the suburban houses that surround it. It felt like I was in a totally different place as I walked down that gravel road. I like that it is hidden away in amongst all the houses.

I now wonder where can I go next? What other places can I discover?

Have you recently explored your neighbourhood? Did you discover any surprising places in your neighbourhood?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Happy Friday!



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