The Blog I Wanted To Start.

M.y suburban swim centre and gym

M.y suburban swim centre and gym

The grass, the car, it is so suburban, however the fish makes me smile, it just adds a little soul to the place. 

Today I did a water workout to daggy 80’s music which was so much fun and a relaxing yoga class.

Today’s NaBloPoMo question about risk is : What blog or website did you wish to start?

Happy Suburban Chick is the blog that I wanted to start and so I did back in April 2012 so just under 12 months ago. I wanted to find soul, culture, and quality living in suburban life. From my readings and research not much good stuff is said about the suburbs. Whilst if you read the real-estate pages suburban living is a dream life. Here I am stuck in between, living the reality, which is neither the boring burbs hell or the fantasized dream life. There seems to be a positive way to describe city living (City Chick) or country living (Country style) or coastal living( Sea Change) and the suburbs try (boring burbs). It would be easy to settle for the boring burbs, however I much sooner live the soulful suburbs, or the sensational suburbs. So in search of a better suburban life I go!  I have found over the last 12 months that from focusing on a more cultured and joyful life I have been able to create it. I have found that my suburb is full of interesting places, and even has a degree of art and culture. I think the more I focus on living a more interesting and positive suburban life, the more for filling it becomes. I have also come to realise it that I get to decide how for filling my life is no mater where I live. It is up to me to determine how happy and joyful my life is. I look forward to watching my blog evolve and myself evolve as a person.  I am also looking for all the help and inspiration I can find.  Do you think suburban living can be soulful or sensational or is it just plain boring and conformist living?




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