Getting In The Way Of My Dreams.



IMG_2669Ok I am up to Tuesday question from the NaBloPoMo challenge which is: What is getting in the way of your dreams?  Well let me start with lack of clarity, I am not really clear on what my dream is. I know what direction I want to take, I just don’t know exactly what I want to do. So part of doing this blog is about me delving into the area of my own wellness and healthy lifestyle. So I feel I should set my own good example first, and hopefully they will influence some people around me to explore their own wellness and health plans. Although I lack clarity because I feel my own journey is driven by rediscovering a more juicer and joyful life. So my dream is very unclear at this stage, I think it is evolving. For now I will continue on doing an excellent job at my paid work, by doing my job with enthusiasm, diligence, competency and compassion. I will continue to explore my dreams through my daily journalling and through this blog.  I really think I just don’t believe in myself enough to think that I can do anything other than what I am already doing. I have lot’s of excuses not enough time, not enough knowledge, limited by having to be there to attend my children, I am already busy doing my job, and it is a job with a purpose so I should be happy. I have so many excuses, there is no doubt that gets in the way of my dreams. At least the fruit bowl is full, and I have no excuses not to be healthy and eat my fruit. Also my fruit and vegetables get delivered to me each week, another reason to eat healthy food.


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