What would I like to Start.

not happy


Today I woke up walked into the kitchen to be greeted by ants. Ants on my floor, my benches, my rubbish bin everywhere. As I stood there they were climbing up my legs. I was not impressed, I was angry and I hate ants. So whilst I got the boys ready for school I cleaned up ants. To say I was in a bad mood is an understatement. I stomped, screamed, yelled and was in a totally bad mood. I completed my bad mood with a visit to Coles to buy insect spray. Then I came home on the war path and blasted those ants and their entry spots with copious amounts of insect spray. I would like to say I won, but this is a long battle, I even get ants in my shower, but taking over my kitchen has meant they have gone to far this time.

It so hot day and night, I feel tired and drained of energy. I seemed to be getting behind on my blog post, however I should be able to catch up on the weekend.

Mondays NaBloPoMo challenge on risk question is: What would you love to start?

Oh how big and scary this question is for me. Well I guess I would love to start working in the area of wellness and health promotion. I   have worked in the area of health care and sickness now for about 25 years. However I have notice the focus is on illness and cure. I have a desire to focus on lifestyle and wellbeing. I just have no idea where to start and how to go about it. I think health promotion is the biggest way we can make a difference in affluent societies like Australia. I have be trying to focus a lot on my own health and wellbeing in the last 12 months. I have so much to learn and so many more changes to make. I can be critical of my own efforts however I think lots of small efforts add up. Today I drank my green juice, ate a healthy lunch and tea. Unfortunately I also had a glass of coke, one chocolate biscuit and two glasses of wine. Well there is a saying you teach what you need to learn. I did attend a Yoga and Relaxation class so that is a plus for my health. So that is my dilemma , however I do know the risks of not looking after your health are not good, in-fact they sort of suck. I don’t want to be sick and miserable or sick and dead. I want to respect my body and look after it, it is the vehicle I exist in that allows me to take care of my family, enjoy life, do my work, and contribute to the world.  I like the idea of avoidance, I want to be the  90 year old who is still going for daily walks and living at home.

Wishing you all a wonderful day and I hope the ants stay out of my house.


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