Look Before You Leap!

I have been getting a little behind  with my blogging. Just feeling unwell and very lethargic especially today.I woke this morning feeling achy all over, and exhausted, so today I am listening to my body and resting up. I really think it is just my bodies way of saying stop and recharge.

Look before you leap

So here is the blog post for Friday. I am currently doing the NaBloPoMo challenge about risk. Fridays question was: Do you always look before you leap?

Oh I am a cautious type of person. I love to reflect, and delve deep into my thoughts. I like to work out my decisions according to the pros and cons. The impact of my decision on my family, how much energy I need to put into that decision, any finiancal costs. I like to list all the alternatives and possibilities. I definitely like to minimise any hazards.  So yes I definitely look and plan before I act on a decision. One of the biggest issues to delve into is identifying is it a risk I really want to take, am I really after these benefits, or am I just following the crowd. Then what are my fears about the risk, there are always fears, this is often what stops me from taking a risk and sometimes I don’t even realise it. With all this knowledge in place I hopefully make an educated decision about taking the particular risk.There is only one problem with this type of decision making, it can go on for a long time if I let it and then it just becomes procrastination wrapped up in the title of preparation and planning.

For example, my husband and myself had to make a decision about sending our child to mainstream school or to a special school. I had a big butchers sheet of paper which I listed all the options. I researched schools, I took into account all my child’s needs. I took into account our needs, such as time, transport, the other child’s needs, where we lived, and cost. I looked at public schools, I looked at private schools, I looked at special schools. I even briefly thought about home schooling. I looked at funding. I looked the different ways class rooms where run and class sizes. I spoke to so many of his specialist about his options. I trailed him at both types of schools in the pre- prep programmes. I think I covered everything about the subject I could imagine. Did I risk sending him to mainstream and watching him fail and loose confidence or did I risk sending him to a special school and him not reaching his academic potential. At the very last minute I just listened to my heart and decided he really needed to go to a special school. It was an extremely hard decision to make, it came after many tears and sleepless nights. It also came with criticism from friends and some family. The most common one was that we were not giving our child the best chance by sending him to mainstream school. The worst comment was we were giving up on him. (That one really hurt!) However we had the support of his teachers and support workers from his early intervention school who held the ideas that a special school is where he would learn best and it would assist him to retain his amazing self-confidence. I could not procrastinate we had to make a decision. We made that decision five years ago, and it is not a decision we regret. It has definitely been the best place for him to learn and he is a beautiful confident little boy full of enthusiasm for life. He is happy and enjoys going to school.

So yes I definitely look before I leap!


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