Some of the Riskiest Things My Mother Thought I Had Done!

Today I wrote my blog post in the car, before I went to my gym class to embarrass myself at Zumba. Oh yes, I look a clumsy, hands everywhere sort of person, however it is the best fun ever ,and I do not care who is watching through those glass windows. Let them laugh and see how much fun I am having.


NaBloPoMo__RISKToday’s NaBloPoMo challenge question is: What is the riskiest thing you’re ever done? I am so sad to say I have never done anything that I would describe as the riskiest thing. The riskiest thing I have ever done is yet to come.  However my Mum would say it was the time I went on a protest march, because things get out of control and you could get arrested. It was a peaceful march and I just got to be true to myself and beliefs. It could have been the time I took industrial action, the government threaten to put us in jail, I think that was just an ideal threat, politically putting nurses in jail because they will not negotiate a fair wage would  be political failure. I hate that nurses have to take industrial action to maintain good working conditions and be paid a fair wage. Seriously not a job you do for the money, same with teaching. However the work is rewarding. Maybe it was the time I went out with some of my girlfriends to see a band at a club full of Bikies. Mum was not impressed, however it worked out to be perfectly fine, not a sniff of trouble. At the time I didn’t consider these things to be risky, I just did it! However my Mother thought differently, and she is still telling me to be careful! These days I am careful, just not too careful or else I will not be able to do anything exciting.


Wishing you all a great day!



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