When Risk Pays Off!

The view from where I am writing my post from today.

The view from where I am writing my post from today.

Today I took my pen and paper down to the lake, to sit on a picnic table in shade and admire this view as I penned this post. I sat there overlooking the lake in the company of the ducks and birds, I thought about the risks I had taken in my life. The NaBloPoMO challenge asks: Name a time when a risk you took paid off. 

I remember thinking when I was in my early 20’s a young single female that buying my first property was risky, what if I lost my job. This idea of risk was also held by the banks, which didn’t want to loan me any money, and when they did they insisted on mortgage insurance. Yet when a friend of mine a young single male, applied for his home loan the banks didn’t consider it such a big risk, he got his loan easy, and without mortgage insurance. I did not get it what if he lost his job.  I would also like to note I had a professional job, in an area of plentiful work, and had a good job record. Being female back them was just riskier than being male as far as the banks were concerned. Well I paid my mortgage no problems, enjoyed living in that property for a number of years and sold it for a profit.

Now to some more recent risks.

Many of the things I have done I wouldn’t consider terribly risky. I joined Toastmasters and was rewarded with increased confidence and improved communication skills. I joined a social group on Meet Up and met lots of lovely ladies and enjoyed some wonderful experience so I finally found a way to have some real girly time. When we moved house the financle risk was higher and we didn’t know if our property would increase with value or not. It all turned out fine we live in a beautiful house in a beautiful area, with the only exception that it has turned out a traffic nightmare. Everyone seems to want to live in this area. I guess there are parts of my job that are risky, needle stick injuries, catching contagious germs, back injuries and sometimes the occasional violent patient. However it is so rewarding in many other ways. Some harder risks are signing the consent form for my son’s operations, especially after being told all the possible complications. So far, there has been no major complications, just the occasional minor complications anyway the operations have achieved what they were supposed to do. Still it is always a scary time, especially the waiting. Then there is writing this blog, risking criticism and embarrassment However I have learned so much and it has helped me to grow as a person. I would have to say even the time I started a new study course and left without completing it. I was still rewarded with knowledge, new skills and a love of learning. So the majority of the time the risks I have taken have paid of in positive ways, especially in the area of self-growth.


I have enjoyed reading many of the other blog posts on the NaBloPoMo challenge about risk, they have enabled me to think of it in a broader and personal way.


 Wishing you all a great day!




One thought on “When Risk Pays Off!

  1. I can very much relate to the purchasing of property – it totally scared me, too! It’s interesting too that you talked about it being different for males – my brother had no issues purchasing. Popping over from NaBloPoMo and enjoying your blog! 🙂

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