Exploring Risk!

Take a riskThis month during the NaBloPoMo challenge about risk, I will be exploring my own experience with risk, and I encourage you to do the same. Through exploration comes enlightenment and hopefully some positive changes to bring an increased amount of healthy risk taking into my life.

Todays question is as follows: Do you believe the saying that with great risks come great rewards?

Risk! Risk! Risk! I am not convinced that I believe in that saying at this point of time. I would classify myself as a play it safe sort of person. Yet I believe you do need to take risks in your life to live a more interesting life and to grow as a person.

I think this will be the month I explore the saying “with great risks come great rewards.” For now, I will start with witnessing my fear. Identifying what is stopping me from taking risks. After I acknowledge my fear I can start doing things differently. Today I sent of an email that I had been procrastinating over, my fear was of rejection that word no. It is just a small risk, however I feel I need to tackle all my small risks to start with then hopefully move on to some bigger risks. Whilst on the weekend I drove somewhere unfamiliar to me. I usually avoid driving places that are unfamiliar to me. I am scared that I will get lost, I will not be able to find my way back home, I will get so flustered and anxious that I will have a car accident. I am proud of myself, because I confidently got to my unfamiliar destination and back home. So next time I can challenge myself a little more. After all I love going different places and my fear of driving in unfamiliar areas has the potential to limit my life experiences.

Once again in order to grow and live an interesting life I need to take some risks. This is good advice to me from me, now me just has to listen and act upon it. I look forward to reading other blog post on this subject, and exploring this subject even more.



 Wishing you all a wonderful day!





One thought on “Exploring Risk!

  1. I am a lot like you! I take risks but usually with a “small” amount of risk. I think it is great you drove somewhere unfamiliar over the weekend. I hardly do that as I am also afraid of becoming lost.

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