Caring for myself helps me be better able to care for others.

Some of my self-care practices for today.



Sipping tea and saying positive affirmations.( 5 minutes)


Artists Way


Penning words, thoughts and dreams in my journal, doing morning pages (30 minutes)




Listening to relaxing music through out the day as I  did my worked.




A lunch time walk around the lake with my beautiful dog Little Miss Popularity.(1 hour)



Lunch at the fountain during my walk, enjoying the view and my food.

Infusing my life with such wonderful self-care practices revitalises me, making me feel refreshed and leave me with the feeling that life is wonderful.

What self-care practices did you do today?  Please leave a comment I would love to read your thoughts.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


2 thoughts on “Self-Care

  1. I started taking yoga classes last fall and that has made a big difference in my attitude and how I feel. I like a good cup of coffee in the morning, get a daily walk, and take a moment to consider the good aspects of my life – gratitude.

    • Thank-you for your comment. I also notice the difference from taking Yoga classes, they make me feel so relaxed and uplifted . Lovely to read about your self-care practices, and gratitude is a wonderful practice, so glad you mentioned it.

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