A Visit to Crudin Farm

Music in the garden!

Music in the garden


Another beautiful hot weekend has just finished. This year I so wanted to go listen to Jazz in the Park.

Every year there is a special event on at  Dame Elisabeth Murdoch’s Crudin Farm, a twilight Jazz fundraising event for The McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Park.

IMG_0435 So off we went, with our chairs, rug and picnic.

We found a delightfully cool shady spot amongst some huge shady trees.

I sat with my family, eating, drinking and listening to the Jazz as it echoed through the gardens.


We went for walks around the property admiring the gardens, lakes and buildings.


We sat in the cool breeze and just relaxed. It was a tranquil afternoon/ evening.

Some how a lot of my photo’s didn’t turn out, instead of using a camera I was using my phone to take photo’s

It is the user that is the problem not the phone.

There was a lot of people with picnics and chairs enjoying the event.

There was a lot of people with picnics and chairs enjoying the event.

This was the highlight of the weekend.

I also went out for an early lunch with my Husband and Mr. Serious at the Australian Gardens.

We also had a nice surprise we saw a Bandicoot frolicking in the bushes, whilst we were going for our walk.

I did lots of reading.

Strolled  down the lake Sunday evening to see the old fountain fixed and working again, squirting water high into the sky.

It was such a lovely weekend, which cultivated lots of joy and pleasure into my life.

I think weekends are always more enjoyable when I plan some sort of fun activity into them, or else I just tend to waste them.


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