Wishcasting Wednesday!

Love wishes

Wishcasting Wednesday is by Jamie Ridler at;  http://jamieridlerstudios.ca and today she asks the question What is your love wish?

So what is my LOVE wish? Firstly to act more lovingly to my family especially my husband and children. Sometimes I act a little cold, I don’t know why I just do, so I wish to be more mindful of that and replace it with more loving actions and words.

Secondly I wish to act more lovingly to the world, be less judgemental of other people. To send out loving thoughts instead of judgement thoughts. I also think having more respect for the environment and becoming more interested in ways I can love the planet more.

Thirdly is I wish to act more lovingly to myself. Like that  affirmation by Louise Hay, where you look at yourself in the mirror and say,  “I love you exactly as you are.” I want to show that self-love by taking care of my self better. If I love myself I will want to take better care of me, with a healthy diet, exercise , plenty of sleep and positive thoughts.

Finally I went to a talk on Feng Shui  at the library on Tuesday night, it was all about the year of the  Water Snake, and the words that kept coming up the most was the importance of being kind, it came up over and over again. Also this year I have been saying to myself a lot, “be kind”. I think I am a very kind person, however I am aware there a lots of opportunities for me to par-take in acts of loving kindness. So my final love wish is for lots of loving kindness in the world.

Lots and Lots of Love Wishes!

Wishing you all an amazingly loving day!





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