My Monday Morning Expedition!



Monday morning was my Artist’s Date, this week I decided to explore The Victorian Artists Society gallery. I walked in off the street into a beautiful old building and asked if I could look around. I was in luck there was a photographic art exhibition on. It was interesting to look at and certainly gave me a different perspective of a different culture and also on the vast scope of what art can be. A photo has the ability to tell a story, make us ask questions, and wonder what it is we are being shown. That is what I loved about my Artist’s Date is that it made me see something new and different. Yes, I liked the photographic exhibition very much they were amazing pictures, of a Chinese city and it’s culture. I walked away feeling a buzz from doing something a little bit exciting.  When did you last go out exploring and what did you do? Please leave a comment.

The Victorian Artist Society

The Victorian Artist Society

My photos are not art, however they do express what I saw and experienced. They help me tell my stories. Although I would like to take better photo’s. I have fun taking them anyway.

Today was Yoga Tuesday, I really enjoy my Yoga class, it was so relaxing and energising.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day.


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