Being Joyful and Wishcasting Wednesday

Today I decided to take time out and refill my well. I grabbed my big straw bag and headed down the lake. I was happy as I went for a long walk clearing my mind and getting some exercise. At the end of my walk I sat under some shady trees overlooking the lake and penned a few pages of words in my journal. It felt so peaceful and joyful sitting under those trees and journalling. Even now as I write this post I am out side on this summers evening enjoying the soft warm breeze. I take a few moments to walk out into the back yard and do some star-gazing but I can not see the moon, it must be hiding behind some clouds. It still an amazingly beautiful sky to look at. Then I notice the singing of a cricket, against the background of zooming cars in the distance. I don’t know why I don’t have days like this more often.


One of my goals this year was to live more creatively. This year I started doing Wreck This Journal, today I did another page, at first it seems childish, and then I notice I am having fun so I continue. It is my attempt at art, and it doesn’t have to be good work. It is just important that I enjoy the process of doing it.  I needed more than lines today, I needed patterns.

Today is Wishcasting Wednesday by Jamie Ridler at  and today’s question is : What do you wish to work on?

Some of the main areas I wish to work on is firstly living more joyfully, so I wish to rediscover my joy, and work on living joyfully now. I wish to work on being more joyful instead of becoming more joyful.

Another area I wish to work on is working out how I spend my time. I often find that my time disappears and I have no time for the things I want to do or enjoy doing. So I want to work out where all that time is going. How I can eliminate spending time on things that are not really important and spend more time on the things that are important to me. Working on spending more quality time with my family, talking and interacting, doing things together having family days out like the one we had last weekend at Emerald Lake. It was a lovely day we went out and had  some lunch and coffee at the cafe, went out paddling on the paddle boats, and sat and enjoyed some music, then we went and had an ice-cream. IMG_3220I wish to work on living more creatively, and just finding ways to add creativity to everyday life, I often get so stuck in boring routines, I often cook the same meals, I often dress the same way, do the same things. So I want to do the housework to music with a zing, and have meals with relaxing music and a nicely set table. It would be nice to experiment with some different meals. It could be interesting to do some new things. I think going on regular Artist’s Dates, thinking of ways to add creativity to everyday life, and wrecking the Wreck this Journal are a good start.

I want to work on my blogging because it gives me the opportunity to explore and reflect on aspects of my life. It allows me to work on my inner growth as a person, and allows me to explore those aspects of my life such as  being joyful, and living more creatively. It also lets me see there are areas in my life that I love and make me happy however there are areas in my life that I really hate. Such reflection makes me more aware of who I am being and how I am living my life. I would like to be able to find more clarity and authenticity, I want it to be more real, more of me in it. It just sometimes I think there is a gate in which only some of me can get out the rest stays behind and waits. I want all of me to escape through the gate and make it on the page.

I also wish to work on increasing my knowledge and skills in nursing. Yep that is real work, that why it gets mentioned last. However it the nature of nursing, you are constantly required to work on clinical skills and knowledge, so much changes so quickly. It is certainly a challenging and interesting job.

Cute have a great day

   Regards Fran


6 thoughts on “Being Joyful and Wishcasting Wednesday

  1. Today was our first sunny and warm day in awhile. It was nice to imagine what a sunny day at the lake would be like.
    You have wonderful wishes. As you wish for yourself, I wish for you as well.

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