New Beginnings

super mumSuper Mum I am not, wish I could be, then I might not be stressing out so much.  

Mr. Serious started a new school on Friday. It was such a big job preparing him for his new school. New uniforms and schoolbooks, new shoes, and learning to tie a tie. Thanks to You Tube for the tie knot lessons. I felt unorganized and lost at times as I got my son ready for school. I worried will he be happy, will he cope and will he make new friends. Small things went wrong, I after his first day at school he came home without his books that he needed. I know he had a lot of new information to take in, and was probably feeling overwhelmed Also his iPad was not connected up so he had no timetable, despite being told they would get their timetables first day. So this morning my anxiety levels about his new school were sitting on extreme high. It just seemed like things were going all wrong, and I was the worst mother in the world. It so hard to feel helpless and not be able to do anything. This whole day I have been feeling anxious. I know it is only temporarily, I know it doesn’t help,  however the anxiety is there as strong as ever. Today I try to distract myself. I take myself for a long walk; it helps, as I need to slow down. It is hard for me to accept I need to let go and just let things workout by themselves. I am so used to things running so smoothly at school in the past.  I am also stressed because I am working out a new drop off and pick up routine. It also surprises me that I feel so stressed about it all, I know it is not logical, I guess I feel guilty and mean for sending him to this new school, where he is so alone, because it is not the school his friends went too. I guess I am anxious because I feel I have let him down, and he wouldn’t let me come into the school and help him because I am his mum and that would be embarrassing. I suppose it would, it doesn’t make me feel any better about the matter. Then I go to pick him, and the relaxing feeling that I got from walking disappeared. It was a frenzy of cars, and I had to park a kilometre down the road. I also think I was parked illegally however I had to dump my car somewhere. This is the part of Suburban living I hate, you need a car to get to places and so does everyone else. So you just end up with bumper to bumper traffic in local streets. It too far to walk and the boys go to school in different suburbs. Mighty Mouse goes to a Special School, and the nearest Special School is 20-30 minutes away depending on traffic. So I have to try to be at two places at the one time. I think that is what stresses me out the most. So it looks like I am going to be doing a lot of driving in the next 6 years. Yes I did suggest the school bus, oh no, he wants Mum to pick him up. Sometimes it is really hard to be a Mum!


2 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. It is really hard being mum, I have the two pick ups and drop offs, mine are within walking distance. It’s still hard, I just have enough time to walk to each, but certainly makes mornings and afternoons a challenge. I think you are a super mum because you know how hard it all is, yet you still do it!

    • Thanks for your comment, it sounds like you are a Super Mum too. You also remind me that there are a lot of Mums being Super Mum each day, I guess the big incentive is our children.

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