Point Nepean National Park



You may or may not have noticed that I have not posted anything since last Wednesday. Some how I got busy and it all seemed to hard. I have been out and about doing things like going to a live show at the Arts Centre, and going out for tea to a restaurant without the kids. That was very nice. Sleeping in nearly every day, yes I know, busy being lazy. I have done some exercise walking around Lysterfield Park, walking around the lake with the dog, and of course a day at Point Nepean National Park. You see it is January and the boys are on school holidays, and the husband is on holidays, so we are all in holiday mode. So I seem to have no routine and just can not get my act together when come to things like organising myself to do a blog post. Infact I just go with the flow letting January happen and enjoying the amazing moments it has to offer. One of the high lights of the last week was our trip to Point Nepean National Park on the Mornington Peninsular. We visited the Quarantine Station which was very interesting how they use to quarantine the boat loads of passengers who were on the infected boats due to  infectious diseases such as influenza,  , small pox, measles and others. Maybe it was just interesting to me because I am a nurse. Then we did a long walk to Point Nepean forte, stopping along the way viewing the spectacular scenes of the bay and the surrounding area. Once down at the forte we walked through the tunnels, looked through the buildings, and learn’t about the history of Point Nepean. It was a beautiful sunny day, and we did a lot of walking, we got back our legs were so tired, however it was totally worth it. Mighty Mouse enjoyed the seeing the big boats going past. Mr. Serious was disgusted with the flies, don’t they know they shouldn’t annoy him. Myself and hubby were disgusted with Mr. Serious constant whinging about the flies. Other than the flies we had a great day and enjoyed some spectacular scenery.


Todays NaBloPoMo January challenge question is: What is your biggest concern about the future of the environment?  

I am concerned that places like Point Nepean will not be preserved and protected as National Parks. To think that some people wanted to build high rise apartments on this land. It is prime real-estate and would be worth a mint if commercially developed. However to preserve its beauty for today and the future is priceless. It is a part of our history it is also a beautiful scenic park for the public to enjoy. We need to protect these places or else we have no places to enjoy. It is places like Point Nepean, Lysterfield Park and Wilson’s Prom. that remind me how beautiful nature is and we need to value  and protect it, not abuse it.






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