Melbourne Zoo Outing!

IMG_3101Busy Wednesday, went to the beautiful Melbourne Zoo for the day. I love looking at all the animals and they have some lovely enclosures. Especially like the new Meerkat enclosures, and play area for kids. The seals are always good, and love the playfulness of the monkeys. Unfortunately the Tasmanian Devils were sleeping. The gardens always look so beautiful, and include open areas to enjoy. Every time we go something has changed, like the building of a new enclosure, and it is so big we never see everything. I tell Mighty Mouse that is a good thing that means we have to go back again another time. The only drama of the day was would the shop be open on the way out so Mighty Mouse could get another stuffed teddy animal. We made it and he go a Wild African Dog.  It was a wonderful enjoyable family day.Now I need to have a rest like these Meerkat’s , just really want to curl up and go to sleep. Soon I will.




Todays question on the January NaBloPoMo challenge is: If you were a superhero, what would be your kryptonite, draining your energy?

My kryptonite is being around negative people, they just are so negative and so complaining that I find my energy has been drained from my whole body. I will be all positive, full of energy, feeling awesome  and ready to take the day on. Then I will have a conversation with someone who is negative and complaining, and I just feel my energy being drained from me. I no longer feel so bright and enthusiastic, and it takes an effort to take the rest of my day on. I find that I have to do something joyful and uplifting to boost my energy up again. Some times it is just putting some really uplifting music on to listen too. Sometimes it is having a conversation with some one who is positive and energetic. Sometimes it going for a long walk or doing a gym class. All these things boost my energy up again. I can not avoid being around negative people all the time, but I can be aware of how it makes me feel, and take steps to rebalance my energy levels.

Wishing you a great day/ evening.


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