More Clear Spaces Less Clutter

Have nothing in your houses that you do not know
to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”
William Morris 


My son tells me I am odd, because we don’t have lots of stuff in our house.

However I don’t like lots of stuff.

I like clear space.

I like the energy to flow through the house.

I like my stuff to have a home.

I like my stuff to useful.

I do collect stuff that I love or has some significant importance to me, I just have my limits.

We have enough stuff in our house to meet all our needs, plenty of stuff to play with, and plenty of stuff to look at and admire.

I think we could do with less stuff, I try to get rid of the clutter, I try to find a home for everything.

Young Mighty Mouse loves his stuff, he plays with all his toys, he just loves everything in his room. So the will not give up a single toy. All his toys and teddies give him so much pleasure however they drive me crazy, especially when he has them out all over his floor.

I try to get comfortable with having some mess in my house, because in my home some of us are tidy freaks and some of us are messy freaks. Together we get a not too messy lived in home.

Yesterday my husband put in shelves and more hanging space in the boys rooms.

Today I spent the day finding new homes for all their stuff and trying to throw out some old stuff except for Mighty Mouse who won’t throw out anything.

Mr. Serious had no problems giving up those toys he claimed he was too old for, he just kept what he really wanted or felt would be useful.

I have better things to do with my time than taking care of stuff I don’t need or don’t really want.

The curious question I ask myself is how did it get into my house?

Mostly I let other people bring it in, the children have been blessed and given an abundance of presents over the years, they have also been very diligent at looking after all their stuff. Yes and sometimes I buy stuff I don’t really need. Finally I struggle to get rid of stuff, I am sure it will all find a good home but I feel guilty and ungrateful for removing it from my house.

All this stuff kept me occupied all day, however it will be worth it as removing the clutter will increase my freedom to enjoy the days and months ahead.

I love my home with all its clear spaces.

A new motto I will try to teach my boys: something in equals something out.

“The more you have, the more you are occupied. 
The less you have, the more free you are.” 
Mother Teresa 


One thought on “More Clear Spaces Less Clutter

  1. I love this post and great quote from Mother Teresa. I have been simplifying my life also, and not having to manage “stuff” leaves so much more time to spend with friends, family, write and travel. I really enjoyed what you wrote and the line about the energy flowing through the house – does not have a ton of stuff to trip around. Thank you.

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