Inspired by an Echidna






The sky was blue, the breeze was slight and warm, it was a lovely summers morning to go for a walk.

It was a special walk around the Lake Circuit at Lysterfield Lake.

It was an easy walk through the bush on one of the fire road tracks.


At times I felt a little lonely  because most of the time there was only me on the track.

At times it felt a little scary. What if I took a wrong turn and got lost, it a very large park.

Yet it was delightful to walk in nature, in peace and serenity, enjoying the beauty of the Australian bush.

Grateful that a Place  like Lysterfield Lake is so close to home and that I am able to go and enjoy it.

On the way back I cut through the conservation area and found a friend.


It was a cute  echidna amongst the grass.

Some people call them spiky ant eaters.

They are spiky and have a weird beak to eat ants with.

I think they still look so beautiful and cute.


It just went about what it was doing, probably just looking for food, and ignored me staring at as it I  had found a treasure.

I stayed for a while to admire it as it went about its daily life.

I even took some pictures to capture the moments.

It was a delightful walk that took me one hour.

Then I sat with my husband at the cafe overlooking the lake having a coffee.

Today on the January NaBloPoMo question is: How do you find the energy to write when you’re not in the mood?

This was a great question for today as I am so tired that I don’t really want to write anything. So even though I am not in the mood I have done a blog post because it is part of this challenge I am doing. So I think doing a challenge like the January NaBloPoMo encourages me to find the energy to write. Another thing that helps me is having some photo’s to work a post from. Whilst I am still learning the answers to this question, so I hope during my readings of other bloggers completing this challenge I might find a few gems to answer this question.

Todays post was inspired by an echidna!

Wishing you a great day/evening.

Regards Fran




2 thoughts on “Inspired by an Echidna

  1. What a profound, interesting, and peaceful walk. Living in the States, I’ve never even heard of an Echidna. What a cutie! The encounter I had with a porcupine is probably the only thing that comes close to meeting an Echidna. Porcupines are kind of huge, though, so it’s probably not the same at all. 😛 Thank you for sharing! I love to get a peek at other parts of the world, and other people’s homes.

    • I think seeing any creature in its own habitat is pretty special these days. Thanks for your comment, I always imagined Echidna’s and Porcupines to be the same size.
      Great to learn something new everyday.

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