Mummy Exhaustion

Todays NaBloPoMo Challenge question about energy is: Talk about a time when you used up an extraordinary amount of energy and were exhausted?

Once upon a time a mum lived in the suburbs. She had a loveable 6 month old son. He had been challenging in many ways, mostly by screaming all night and wanting to sleep in Mum and Dad’s bed. His mum had tried to get him to sleep better at nights, and took him to sleep school, where they tried wonderful tools like controlled crying. This child had an amazing set of lungs, and screamed all day. No one could settle him. He had failed sleep school whilst all the other babies past. So his mother spent many nights sleep deprived and many days mummy tired. It was part of the process of being a Mum.  She learnt through experience that motherhood includes periods of exhaustion.

Then when her first son was 20 months old she had another son. He was born with multiple abnormalities and spent his first 6 weeks of life in the hospital. One of his health issues was that he had a sever bilateral cleft lip and palate. He was fed with a special squeeze bottle and took 45-60 minutes to feed. initially he would take 7-8 hours to feed a day. His mother also expressed breast milk for him, to give him the best milk. She took him to the hospital nearly every week for his doctors appointments as he had a number of health issues. She sat with him in hospital day and night when he had his operations. She also had her first son, a toddler who was  had learnt how to throw tantrums at home , and who excerpted lots of toddler attitude to look after as well. Life was so busy she would collapse on the bed every night. She even thought the reason her second son slept so well at night was he was exhausted from his busy days of feeding and hospital appointments, she certainly was. Normal mother exhaustion had jumped to a whole new level. She was so exhausted that life was hard work. The first year of her son life was a year-long of extreme exhaustion and lots of persistence. Deep in her heart she knew all the hard work was worth it. Her baby boy would grow up to be an amazing little boy and he did. He is the Amazing Mighty Mouse. francine dishon


One thought on “Mummy Exhaustion

  1. Wow. Isn’t it amazing that when it comes to our children, we somehow find the energy to persevere — to give them every ounce of ourselves so they can be happy and healthy. So glad you made it through okay. Those early years of motherhood are so tough.

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