Dreamy Sleep and Sandstorm.

I love sleep. I actually look foreword to going to bed and snuggling under the covers.

The idea of 8 hours escape from the world in my comfy cosy bed is just delightful and I am not prepared to give it up.

It makes me feel good. It refreshes my body and mind.

I know from years of shift work the cost of not sleeping due to sleep deprivation it is called craziness, and time spent in the emotional mess zone.

So no way am I giving up my sleep.

Sleep to me equals my sanity.

Ofcourse my dreams are important, and I can not imagine giving up my dreams the good ones and the more disturbing ones.

Infact it is dreamy just thinking about snuggling down in my bed for a good nights sleep, and may delightful dreams come my way.

Under the Sea, Sandstorming Frankston foreshore 2013

Under the Sea, Sandstorm Frankston Waterfront 2013

Whilst during the daylight hours I went for a family adventure to see the amazing sand sculptures at Sand Storm on the Frankston Waterfront.

The theme this year was Under the Sea.

The sand sculptures were amazing, detailed, creative, and visually spectacular.

So many characters from mermaids, giant octopuses and giant turtles.


Took so many photo’s, because so many special sculptures to capture.

So enjoyable we go every year, and every year the theme is different and the sculptures are amazing.

What a dreamy day!

I don’t mind being tired from enjoying delightful daytime activities.

I will sleep well tonight.



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