Music that Energizes

Today question on the NaBloPoMo challenge is :What is your favourite song that gives you energy?

Well I don’t have a favourite song, however putting an Electric Hippies CD on just lightens up my day, and makes my feel bright and happy. So I guess the Psychedelic quirky  pop sound of the Electric Hippies gives me energy.

You can check them out on You Tube unfortunately it is hard to get their CD and it is not on iTunes.

Monday is my Artist Date day. It is a little hard to find time for myself during the school holidays with both the boys home. Also my husband is on holidays too. So I took a couple of hours this morning to head down to the big gigantic shopping centre. I had great fun choosing a pink sparkling birthday card for a friend and also went to the local library to stock up on reading material. It was a delightful morning and I really needed some time to myself.

Wishing you a wonderful day/evening!

Fran Dishon


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