Laundry Zapping My Energy

Washing and Ironing.

Washing and Ironing.

Yesterday I felt so rested, so relaxed, my energy levels were very high. Today reality, unpacking, washing, washing, washing, then ironing, ironing and more ironing. Even the clean clothes managed to get covered in dirt and sand, that is the thing about camping, the dirt. Everything gets so dirty. Well today after much washing and ironing it is all clean again. However now my energy levels have been depleted, I feel so tired. It is amazing how house work can be such an energy zapper. Even the thought of doing the dishes, cooking tea and sweeping floors seems like hard work. So I just have to take a break, relax, have a glass of wine and listen to a podcast. Then I might be in the mood to do more house work, or maybe I will be ok with ignoring the fact that it actually needs doing, and continue on in holiday mode just a big longer.


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